A music video that I have worked on for the artist 'CHAMPS'. Under the direction of Anna Ginsburg and with the help of Studio Moross I built, animated and composited all the 3D in this contemporary piece.

Director - Anna Ginsburg // http://annaginsburg.co.uk/
Executive Producer - Kate Moross
Production Company - Studio Moross // http://studiomoross.com/
Director of Photography - Marek Mysicka
2nd Unit Camera Op - Matteo Zenini
Gaffer - Martin Kloud
Stop Motion / Hand Drawn Animation - Anna Ginsburg
Stop Motion Animation Assistant - Linus Kraemer
Stylist - Daisy Azis
Stylist Assistant - Emma Clifton
Hair & Make Up - Shayna Lewis-Fenton
Catering - Isobel Sanders
DIT - James Ian Gray
Choreography - Julia Vandoorne
Dancer - Julia Vandoorne
Editor - Linus Kraemer
3D Motion Designer - Joseph May
3D assistance - Salim Adam
Compositing - Joseph May, Linus Kraemer